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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Life's Journey Birthday Card

In today's blog I show you how to make a symbolic card. I want to include a message that talks about wisdom that allows you to know when to hit the fuel and when to hit the brake pedals. I want to address the fact that there are bridges worth crossing and others that are better left alone. My solution was a card that would depict the message visually so that it would reinforce the writing inside. Let me show you how to make this very easy card.

A view of the inside of the card.

I start by using a 12" x 12" scalloped sheet of card stock.

I divide the paper in half so it measure 6" x 12".

I then fold the card in half.

My card is now a square measuring 6" x 6".

I use a circle cutter to cut a circle of diameter 6 cm.

I cut a white frame slightly smaller than the red circle.

I then punch the age of the birthday boy out with my number punches.

I have now created a speed sign displaying the age that is being celebrated.

I need to cut a pole for the street sign. I do this from silver card stock.

Progress photo.

I punch the message for the birthday card out of silver and mount it on a red background.

I love that the letters run out of the background as the recipient is not someone who has allowed life to confine him to set perimeters.

I draw a simple silhouette of a beetle car on the back of the red paper. I like this car since it dates from around the second world war, which ended in 1945. See the play on 45?

I don't like the floating car and decide to add a road for it to travel on.

Simply cutting the lines on the road from white paper will be enough suggestion to imply a road.

It had to be a broken line which would once more be indicative of the personality of the recipient of the card. This is someone who has always been a little faster than most.

I now turn my attention to the inside of the card. There are three of us who will want to write personal messages in the card. I therefore add three white spaces for theses. I then cut a simple bridge on pillars from strips of white paper. I draw three freehand vehicles, minute in size, to fit on the bridge to make it more clear that it is a bridge.

Progress photo.

The completed card on the outside.

My message included on the inside.

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