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Monday, 28 September 2015

Applique & Construction: We make a Rocky (from Paw Patrol) Cuddle Cushion Part 3

I have been asked to turn the character of Rocky from the animation series Paw Patrol into a Cuddle Cushion and we have been working on this for two blogs already. Today we applique the face and put the different pieces together before filling the cushion with stuffing. Remember to post pictures of your own finished products.
Easily navigate between the differents parts of this 3 part blog series by following the links:

We need to do the applique on the cap first, This is the only place we will be using white. The rest will be appliqued in black. I set the machine to zigzag and reduced the stitch length so I can applique.

I applique the badge all around.

I then applique the foot of the paw print.

After this follows the toes in succession.

Progress photo.

I now step away from the machine for the moment to draw some detail lines onto the face. I add a snout line and extend the corners of the mouth.

I change the thread in the machine to black and applique the eyes in one continuous movement where I keep turning the fabric round and round.

Progress photo.

I now applique the snout line.

Thereafter follows the nose.

Progress photo.

I now start at one mouth corner and sew along the lower lip to the other mouth corner.

The mouth corners are appliqued.

I applique along the teeth line.

Lastly follows the upper lip.

Progress photo of the face with all the applique work done.

Lay the top part of the cap in place and sew a stay stitch all across the top of the cap leaving the bottom open.

Pin the cap part to the hat part.

Sew the cap to the hat.

Fold the seam of the cap in under the cap and pin along the seam to secure the cap to the head.

Make a neat top stitch right on top of the seam of the cap, to hide the seam and to secure the cap.

Progress photo of the cap secured to the face.

We will now attach the ears to the head. Fold the inside of the ear in so the grey curls over to the front as shown.

Pin the ears in place on the head.

Attach the ears with a stay stitch.

Progress photo of the ears attached.

Fill the arms with stuffing.

Attach the arms to the face with pins.

Stay stitch the arms in place.

Tuck the ears and the arms in. Lay the back of the head on top of the face with the right sides facing. Pin the two sides of the head together. Use lots of pins as the bulk of the arms will push the pieces away from each other. When secured with pins, sew from one arm to the next all around the head, only leaving the chin open between the arms.

Turn Rocky right side out through the opening at the chin. This is a little arduous as the arms are quite stiff.

Fill the head with stuffing through the chin opening.

Fold the seams in on the chin and secure with pins.

Sew the chin closed by hand.

Give Rocky to the closest little boy to enjoy!

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