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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Make a Bear-Shaped Cuddle Cushion Part 2

In the previous blog we have started making a cuddle cushion shaped like a bear. We took our time cutting out the various pieces  and laying them all in place. In today's blog we will continue where we left off by doing the sewing.
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We start on the arms. Fold the arms in the length so the right sides are facing.

Sew along the long side with seam allowance 1,5 cm.

Mark the opening in quarters using pins.

Mark the 'hands' in quarters with pins as well.

Line up the pins and pin the 'hands' to the arms.

Sew at about a foot's width from the side.

Trim away the excess fabric from the circles of the 'hands'.

Repeat the same steps for the other arm. Turn the arms inside out.

Lay the panels of the tongue with the right sides facing on top of each other.

Sew at about a foot's width all around the rounded sides.

Trim away the excess fabric in the rounding.

Turn the tongue right side out.

Lay the back of the ear and the inner ear on top of each other with the right sides facing.

Sew the rounding at about a foot's width.

Trim away the excess fabric in the rounding.

Repeat the same steps for the second ear as well. Turn the ears right sides out.

I will be using double-sided vilene to keep the applique pieces in place. This is really like a very thin layer of glue. It is packed between paper to keep it from sticking to itself.

Lay all of the applique pieces on the vilene. Pack them in as closely as possible to each other.

I am making two cuddle cushions. If you are making only one, yours will have only half of my pieces.

Pin the pieces and cut them out.

I now lay the pieces out on the backs of the bears' heads. This way I can judge where the pieces must go, i.e. it serves as spatial directive.

The fronts of the heads are stiffened by ironing on cotton stiffening. Lay the circles on the stiffening.

Cut out the stiffening.

I always use a press cloth when working with glued vilene. This helps to keep my iron free from glue.

Iron the stiffening on.

A stiffenend background will result in much neater applique work.

Remove the paper backings and lay the whites of the eyes in place.

Cover with cloth and iron on.

These pieces are now fixed, making it much easier to work with.

Repeat the steps above to iron the blue of the eyes in place.

Repeat the same steps with the pupils of the eyes.

Set your machine to zigzag and reduce the stitch length.

I start on the pupil of the first eye. Guide the machine around the corners by hand. It may be easier if you reduce the speed on the machine (if allowed).

I lift the foot and continue sewing around the blue of the eye.

I once more lift the foot. This time I will sew around the white of the eye.

There is no need to applique the bottom of the eye. This will disappear under the snout.

Repeat the steps for the second eye.

Lay the two pieces that form the snout in place.

Slip the tongue in place and iron the snout in place. This will keep the tongue in place as well.

Pick a place to start and applique the snout without lifting the foot again.

The tongue remains a loose flap, except for where it is caught under the snout.

Iron the nose in place.

Applique all around the nose.

In less time than you would imagine the face is appliqued.

I love how neat this looks even from the back!

In the next blog we will complete the cuddle cushions.

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