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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Make a Square Scatter Cushion

We are a long way from finished with the bed sets we are preparing for those long awaited twins we are expecting. Today we will make a square scatter cushion for the bed. We use a printed fabric that is quite expensive and we want to make the most of the pictures on the fabric. This is why we keep the shape of the cushion quite simple.

Measure the fabric to 50 cm x 1 m and cut to size.

Fold the fabric at the center with right sides facing. Pin two sides.

Sew the two pinned sides with seam allowance 1,5 cm.

Cut away the excess fabric in the corner.

Turn the pillow slip right side out.

It is time to add the stuffing to the scatter cushion. Open the plastic bag and shove it into the fabric sleeve to prevent spillage. Shake out and recycle the plastic bag.

Work the stuffing into the corners of the cushion.

Fold the seams in and pin closed.

Sew the seam by hand.

You can stuff the cushion more tightly, but I wanted to keep it softer to accommodate the two tiny babies on whose beds they would go.

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