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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Make a Bear-Shaped Cuddle Cushion Part 3

It is time to put the finishing touches on the cuddle cushions we started in the previous two blogs. You can not tell me these cuties will not steal any girls heart! We bring the final pieces together in this blog and insert the stuffing before closing the bears up.
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Gather the ear together in something roughly resembling a pleat.

Pin the ears in place.

Attach the ears with a stay stitch.

This will make the task much easier when we attach the back of the head later.

Stuff the legs of the bear.

Shove the stuffing down and fill to the brim.

Pin the legs to the head.

Attach the legs with a stay stitch.

This will once again make the job much easier in the final steps.

Fold the legs and the ears in  and pin the back of the head to the face, right sides facing.

This is what the parcel looks like from the other side. The bulk from the legs is what makes this sewing slightly tricky.

Sew all around the head at seam allowance 1,5 cm. Only leave the space between the legs open.

Turn the cushion right side out.

Stuff the bear's face ;-)

Fold the seams between the legs in and pin in place.

Sew by hand to close.

Sit back and enjoy the pleasure the little girls will derive from these cuddle cushions.

With all the different elements in place, it is time to make up the bed as it is intended to look. Not having  a single bed in the house, I opted to use the 3/4 in the spare room.

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