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Friday, 4 September 2015

Make a Bear-Shaped Cuddle Cushion Part 1

Who does not know that a pillow has the ability to comfort? So do soft toys! The idea here is to make a soft toy without the bulk so that it will give way like a pillow. The ultimate in comfort. Best of all, these cushions has arms to cuddle back!
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Set your compass to radius 15 cm.

Circumscribe a circle of diameter 30 cm on the fabric. (You can also draw the circle on paper, cut the paper out and then use this as a pattern).

You will need two circles (front and back of the head). Cut these from the fabric of your choice.

Cut two squares 8 cm x 8 cm each from the same fabric.

These squares will form the backs of the ears.

Fold one of these squares in half and draw a semi-circle at the top.

Cut the semi-circle out while the square is still folded in half to ensure that the two sides look the same.

Use the rounded square to shape the leftover square similarly.

Cut two more squares 8 cm x 8 cm each from a coordinating fabric.

These squares will form the inner ears.

Lay the original shaped square on these squares and shape them similarly in turn.

We are now going to make the snout of the bear from the same fabric as the inner ears. Mark off a width of 8 cm.

Mark off a length of 22 cm and cut it out.

Fold the panel in half and cut in two.

You need two rectangles of 11 cm x 8 cm.

Use the original shaped ear to shape this pattern piece as well.

Repeat on the other end as well so that both sides are rounded.

The bear's face is starting to take shape already.

The whites of the eyes have to be cut from white fabric, or the bear will look drunk (red) or angry (green), etc. Cut two rectangles to measure 6 cm x 8 cm.

Fold one piece in half and draw a semi-circle at the top.

Cut the rounding while the fabric is still folded over.

Shape the leftover eye with the first one.

My bear has blue eyes. Cut two squares of 5 cm x 5 cm each from blue cloth.

These squares are rounded at the top exactly the same way as the others were.


Cut a square to measure 6 cm x 6 cm for the nose. This is cut from black. We will cut the pupils of the eyes from the same fabric.

Fold the square in half.

Fold the square in half again.

Cut a rounded shape from one corner to the next with the square folded.

When you unfold the square it will have 4 equally rounded corners.

You can put the nose in position.

The pupils of the eyes are cut from black fabric. Cut two squares to measure 3 cm x 3 cm each.

Again the squares are rounded at the top.

The soul of the bear has been added once the eyes are in place.

We will add a tongue instead of a mouth. Cut two squares to measure 5 cm x 5 cm each.

Fold in half and round the bottom of one square.

Shape the other square with the first one.

The face is now complete and we will move on to the arms.

Find yet another coordinating fabric and cut it to measure 25 cm in length.

The width of the fabric should be 21 cm. You need two of these rectangles.

I have folded my arms to give you an idea of what it will look like.

The 'hands' of the bear are simply two circles that serves as stops for the open ended arms. Set your compass to radius 6 cm. (4 cm is closer to correct, but feel free to allow yourself some leeway.

Describe a circle of diameter 8 -12 cm on the fabric. You will need to cut out two of these circles.

All the pieces needed for the construction of the cuddle cushion are now in place. In the next blog I show you how to construct it.

In the next blog we will applique the cushion.

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