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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Allowing the Fabric to Dictate Design - Make a Fire Engine-Shaped Scatter Cushion

I recently landed myself in trouble when I made two heart-shaped scatter cushions for my two nieces. My youngest nephew would not be happy with not getting anything and a pink heart-shaped cushion certainly would not satisfy him either. I ransacked the fabric stash and came across a very cute printed cotton blend with a fire engine theme. I decided on the spot that I would make him a fire engine from this fabric. The idea here is to allow the print on the fabric to complete the story that you are merely starting in the shape. Allow for some initiative to fill in the gaps. This is good for their development. When I gave him the cushion he asked me where the hose was. I told him he would have to add his own and without any further prompt a game ensued that relied heavily on association and fantasy. I could not wish for anything better!

These are the cushions the nieces received. Definitely not fit for a boy!

You can adjust these measurements to will, but I will show you what I did. The fabric I used was 150 cm wide and I folded in half. I then measured 25 cm in from the fold.

At the mark, I measured 10 cm down/up and drew a line with sewing chalk.

I then drew a line to the edge of the fabric (50cm).

At the edge I measured 25 cm down.

At this mark, I drew a line straight back to the fold.

I drew a semi-circle under the cabin of the fire engine.

I cut along the lines.

When I came to where the hind wheels had to go, I folded the fabric over and used the shape of the front wheels to cut the back wheels.

There is the fire engine. Ready to be sewn and stuffed.

Fold the fabric so the right sides are facing and sew the top and bottom closed. I left the back open for the stuffing.

Trim away excess fabric in the corners and on the circles.

Here you can see where I have cut away extra fabric.

Turn the fabric right side out and stuff the cushion.

Pin the back and sew by hand.

A fire engine ready to be played with.

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