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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Make a Heart-Shaped Scatter Cushion

Today we will make the last of the scatter cushions for the bed set that we are busy with. This time we want to convey the message of love. When you want to tell a little girl that she is loved there are fewer things that will get the message across as successfully as a pink heart shaped cushion and that is precisely what we will be making today.

Measure and cut the fabric to 50 cm x 50 cm.

Fold the fabric on the center line.

Use a fabric marker to draw a pleasing heart that fills the fabric side to side. Try to avoid angles that are too sharp. Keep it rounded. Cut out on the fold to make sure the two sides of the heart are similar.

Unfold the fabric to see if the heart needs tweaking. Mine will do just fine.

Lay the two panels of the cushion on top of each other with the right sides facing.

Pin all along the outside of the heart. Leave a space on one of the straight sides unpinned.

Sew at seam allowance 1,5 cm.

Notice that I have left ample space to insert stuffing.

Trim away the excess fabric in the corners and on the roundings.

Turn the cushion right side out.

It is time to put the stuffing into the cushion. This cushion will take approximately half a bag of stuffing.

Make sure to work the stuffing well into the corners and crevices of this cushion or it will look odd once closed.

Stuff the cushion chockablock with stuffing.

Fold the seams in and pin together.

Close by hand.

Shouldn't hearts always come in pairs?

An added advantage of these heart-shaped pillows is that they are naturally shaped to support small babies. (Do not leave them unguarded in the pillows! Small babies can not support their own weight and could smother in pillows).

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