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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Sewing and Painting a Book Bag Library Part 4

In the first three blogs in this series we have been painting the characters of the fairy tale Goldilocks and the three bears. We have allowed ourselves a more modern take on the story. Today it is the turn of the last character, Baby Bear.
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The inspiration for this character came from a book on scrapbooking; Creative Scrapbook Piecing, by Marina du Plessis.

I once again start at the prominent hats that are features in this range.

Add the outline of the face.

Detail is added to the mouth area.

The eyes are added.

A huge bow tie is added.

The cupcake takes center stage and is drawn first. This will obscure most of the bear.

Draw the feet and add the detail.

All that is left is to connect the pieces with the body's lines.

I will once more use Acrilpen to color block the drawing before I paint it.

We want to keep this one very girly since it is intended for a girl's room.

When I start painting, I use Dala Fabric Paint. Most of the design is painted with an angle brush, although I sometimes switch to a round no 2 brush for the finer detail. The background is painted with a no 10 Flat brush. I start by painting the hat, cupcake topping and the details on the feet in Watermelon.

The edges is painted with Donnigton Blue to add depth.

The detail on the hat is painted Green.

The huge bow tie is painted Blue.

The edges is painted black to create the illusion of depth.

The majority of the bear is painted Donnington Blue.

The illusion of depth is created by using blue on the edges.

Yellow is added to the cupcake wrapper.

Green is used to paint the stripes in the cupcake wrapper.

The mouth area and tummy of the bear is painted Fuchsia.

The mouth and the cherry on the cupcake is painted Red.

The whites of the eyes and the reflections are all painted White.

The background is painted Scarlet.

In the next blog we will add some learning and developmental elements to the book bag.

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