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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Casting Plaster of Paris in Various Molds

We have been making molds and it is time to cast something in them. I decided to use some Plaster of Paris that I had on hand. If you have never done this, you will be amazed at how easy it is to do.

You will need Plaster of Paris, molds, water and something to mix it with. I used a palette knife.

Put some Plaster of Paris in a mixing bowl and add a little water. I does not need a lot of water to run. Mix swiftly.

Be quick to pour the mix into the molds. Set the molds aside to dry.

I have plastic mold with hearts. Instead of using the mold, I used the packaging that the mold came in to cast the Plaster of Paris in. The shapes set beautifully in the packaging.

I cleaned up the edges and had some lovely hearts to work with.

The bears and mice molds are made of silicone and these worked beatifully as well. I especially loved how the Plaster of Paris retained the detail on the molds.

Half the fun of making molds is to paint and decorate them and I had some fun with the kids in my life.

I poured some Plaster of Paris into my homemade silicone molds as well to try them out. Although my pouring was a bit sloppy, the molds seemed to work very well.

I then poured the Plaster of Paris mix into rubber molds that I had made. These also worked beautifully.

I had a little helper to lend a hand when I made the casts and he was rewarded with his pick of the shapes to paint. Remember, you can always paint over the previous layer again, especially if you apply a white coating in between layers.

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