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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Sewing and Painting a Book Bag Library Part 2

In the previous blog we started making two book bag libraries for two little girls. We had great fun drawing and painting a modern take on Goldilocks and today we will explore this theme a little further by drawing and painting Papa Bear.
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I found the inspiration for this character in a book on scrapbooking; Creative Scrapbook Piecing 2, by Marina du Plessis. I loved the posture of the monkey, but changed the features to resemble that of a bear.

Start by drawing the top hat with its swanky feathers.

Next we draw the face.

We draw the feet first and then fit the body in behind them.

I always like to do some color blocking before I start. Acrilpen is brilliant for this purpose.

I decided to complete quite a bit of detail with the Acrilpen.

When I start painting, I use Dala Fabric Paint. Most of the design is painted with an angle brush, although I sometimes switch to a round no 2 brush for the finer detail. The background is painted with a no 10 Flat brush. I start by painting the top hat black.

The details of the hat is painted in red, as is one of the feathers. I turn the brush over and scratch more detail into the wet paint with the back of brush.

The other feather is painted in Donnington Blue. Again I scratch the detail in with the back of the brush.

The bear is painted in its entirety in Blue.

I use black on the sides of the bear to create depth.

I make the whites of the eyes more prominent by painting it White.

The mouth is painted in Fuchsia.

I then use the black Acrilpen to define the details in the facial area.

Finally I paint the background green.

Papa Beat is laid aside to dry. In the next blog we will draw and paint Mama Bear.

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