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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Naive Art Flower Card

It is time to make a card for a very special person, my Mom. I know she loves naive art and decide to make her something along those lines. Being very fond of flowers, it is a no-brainer what I will be putting on the card. This card can be made with what is available in the house and requires nothing special. Best of all, you can get the children involved in helping to make it! Let me show you how.

The secret of this card's success lies in its simplicity. I therefore start by drawing a very simple four-leafed flower on printer paper.

I fill the paper with flowers of different sizes. No need to strive towards perfection. Keep them off-balance and it works better.

You can use any coloring pencils to color the flowers. I start on the centers of the flowers.

I color the edges of the flowers with short lines to give it a striped appearance.

I then fill in the petal with another color, still working with striped strokes.

You can see the striped coloring on the finished flower.

Follow this method and color all of the flowers. Use as many colors as possible trying to avoid any pattern.

Use a black marker to outline the flowers. I used a Sharpie, but you can use any good marker here.

Do this with all of the flowers.

Use a pair of sharp scissors to carefully cut out all of the flowers. Retain the black borders when cutting.

Set the flowers aside to prepare the card.

I cut a 12" x 12" paper in half. I then fold it in half so it measures 6" x 6".

I found this frame in my stash, but you can easily cut your own. See a previous blog for assistance in cutting frames.

Stick some double-sided tape to the backs of the flowers.

Layer the larger flowers by adding smaller flowers on top. Smaller flowers are stuck down as is. Allow the flowers to spill over the frame.

Extra flowers can be added to the inside of the card. Remember to leave enough space for a personal message. I needed to leave space for my dad's message as well.

Add the birthday message (or any other message for that matter) to the outside of the card. If you are using a marker, make sure it won't show through on the inside of the card. Test it on off-cut papers first.

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