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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Quick and Inexpensive Christmas Cards

Is it too soon to start with blogs on Christmas? On the one hand I want to shout yes, because I still have so many things that need to happen before I can even acknowledge that the year is rushing to and end. On the other hand I am forced to be a realist. Those of us who make handmade cards and gifts and decorations need a little more time to prepare for Christmas. And that is why I start with a blog on making Christmas cards in the middle of October. Besides, if you are going to mail cards to overseas friends and family, you will need to allow more time for the slower postal service over the holidays. Unlike birthdays where we need to make one or two cards, Christmas confronts us with scores of people who we need to send/give cards to. That is why I have two criteria for Christmas cards to adhere to: they have to be inexpensive and quick to make. Granted, there will be people deserving of more special cards and we will spend more time on their cards, but the majority of your cards should be easily, cheaply and quickly dispensed with. Today's blog shows you how to make one of these quick, easy and inexpensive cards.

I start by dividing a 12" x 12" patterned paper, with a Christmas print, into quarters with a craft knife and metal ruler. I will be able to make four cards from one sheet of paper.

Don't fold it in half. Instead, jut bend it over in length and width to quickly and easily find the center.

Fold the four corners in to meet at the center. Effectively you have now folded an envelope, but we will unfold the 'envelope' to reveal that it is actually a card and not an envelope. This adds an element of surprise and fun, not unlike to process of unwrapping gifts, which is similar in action to 'unwrapping' the card.

Measure the inside of the card (approximately 10,5 cm x 10, 5 cm). Cut a coordinating piece of paper and use double-sided tape to stick it down on the inside of the card. This pattern should not be too busy as this is where your message will be written.

Now draw or stick a frame around the edges of the card. This can be as plain or flourished as you prefer, or as would suit the personality of the recipient. I used a green Sharpie marker and a ruler to rule double margins. As a fun aspect, you can use different papers and prints in the various cards to personalize them for the recipients.

I then used a paper punch to punch 3 dark green stars from off-cut paper that I kept for just this sort of event. Once again you can personalize cards by punching out different shapes.

The stars occupy only a small space in the corner as I want to leave the space open to include a personal message.

I then cut a string of Raffia about 65 cm in length.

The Raffia is wrapped around the card to enhance the idea of unwrapping a gift when opening the card. In no time you have a created an inexpensive yet cute and fun Christmas card that is so simple to make that you could make a few dozen of them without growing overly tired of it.

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