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Friday, 23 October 2015

Turning your Adult Coloring Pages into beautiful Gift Bags 1

We are fast approaching the season of gifting and for those of us who choose to give handmade items it is time to start getting our ideas together. In today's blog I show you how to turn your adult coloring pages into colorful gift bags.

I tore this page from one of my adult coloring books and colored it with Derwent Coloursoft Pencils. There are so many wonderful coloring books for adults on the market these days. You should really keep your eyes peeled for the ones that appeal most to you.

I decided to design the gift bag on an A4 sheet of printer paper first. I used a cutting mat to get the guidelines in place. I wrote all of the measurements in so that you could easily copy the pattern on your own boxes.

The corners will need to fold in at the top of the bag to close it.

I rounded the flaps for the top.

The pattern was now ready to be cut out. Remember to cut the slit open for the top tab.

With the pattern cut out, I could easily transfer it to any surface I wanted to work on.

I lay the template on the wrong side of my colored page and traced it by hand.

I used a ruler to draw in the details of the fold lines.

Now I was ready to cut out the pattern and proceeded to do so.

I almost always fold my fold lines over a ruler as this will ensure a neat and even fold line.

I put double sided tape on the two shorter tabs at the bottom.

The side tab also got taped, but this time on the right side of the coloring page.

Fold the sides and the bottom in, using the tape to secure it in place.

Push the top tab through the slit.

Fold the top flap over to close the bag at the top.

The end result is a pretty little gift bag that will delight any recipient.

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