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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Turning your Adult Coloring Page into a Blinged Upright Card

In today's blog I show you yet another card to make with your beautifully colored pages. This time we add a bit of bling to make it extra special, but only enough to highlight the coloring, being very careful not to hide it.

I will be using this page from a coloring magazine I have. I used Derwent Coloursoft pencils to color this design. There are numerous adult coloring books available and you are sure to find one that would appeal to you.

I found a coordinating paper to use on the inside of the card.

The first step is to fold the colored page in half. I use a ruler to make sure the fold is neat and straight.

The coordinating page that will be going inside the card is also folded double.

I use double-sided tape to stick the inside page to the colored page.

The card now creates a very pretty unity when opened.

I glue two of the smaller colored pictures into the inside of the card. These were cut out by hand after I colored them and now become very handy accents to the card.

I use the blue from Derwent's Metallic Pencils to draw a frame around the inside of the card.

The frame finishes the card neatly.

I now turn to my stash of bling embellishments. I realize that I should stick to one color to avoid the already colorful card from becoming too crazy.

I start by using spaces created by the design of the card and enhance these with the embellishments in my stash. These embellishments are attached to the card using the versatile Tombow glue.

Here is a close-up of the added embellishments. Do not add embellishments to the back of the card. It will make it virtually impossible to write your message on the inside.

I do not allow the design to restrict me though. I add a few more flowers in a suitable spot. Only then am I satisfied with the results and consider the card finished.

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