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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Drawing Cute Cows

Recently I was asked for some designs for cows by someone wanting to decorate a farm themed kitchen. They had some unsightly shelves that they wanted to cover with painted fabric decorations. In today's blog I show you how to draw two cute cows, specifically with fabric painting in mind. These will look great in the traditional cattle colors as well as in any strange colors of your choice. After all, who said cows could not be pink with purple spots?

This was going to be very relaxed and informal drawing today and I used a cutting mat as surface so I could sit and draw on my lap in front of the television. I gathered some drawing paper, a soft eraser, a pencil and a sharpener. I also grabbed a cow figurine I received years ago as part of a gift. I would draw my inspiration from this cute cow.

I decided to start on the very prominent nose area. On second thought this is not the best photo and I quickly moved on to the next step. My sincere apologies.

I drew the top of the head, added the horns and then drew the ears. The face was already starting to fall into place. I added the curly fringe I wanted the cow to have as well.

I finished the top of the head with two short curved lines for the cheeks. I then drew the eyes and decided that some sexy long lashes would be quite acceptable.

I drew two semicircles under the nose to represent a wide open mouth and added a thick and sturdy neck.

Looking at the cow's features at this stage, I decided that I wanted the nostrils more closely set and erased the first ones, drawing a new pair where I liked them better.

It was time to add some shoulders and forelegs.

An udder would complete the tummy of the cow.

I wanted the cow to have a substantial backside and added the rump and back legs in plush size.

I added spots, shading and a tail to the cow.

Some more detail was added to the face area with shading and development of the fringe.

All I needed to do was  to provide my cow a place to sit so she would not appear to be floating. Quick strokes with the pencil added grass and shadows. I also signed my name, although this was more to tell myself to stop fiddling now, than for any other reason.

With the first cow drawn, I decided to draw a similar cow in a different position. I had no reference for this drawing and had to adjust the picture to my own imagination and what I could recall from cows in real life. I started with the rump and hind legs.

Next, I added an udder.

The body and front legs followed next.

The neck and head was done in the same way as for the cow above.

I decided that I wanted to make the rump and udder larger and did so. I also added spots and shading to the body.

It was time to add a tail and to add shading and detail to the face. Do you think I should once again have added the open mouth? If you like it, add it to your own drawing. I am still undecided. Perhaps I should even have drawn the whole head bigger? Again, do with your own drawing what you would like best and be comfortable with. I think I might make the head bigger if I take this design to fabric someday.

All that was left to do was to ground the cow by giving her a place to stand. Some quick scratches will once again suffice to create the impression of grasses. Have fun with these drawings. I hope you'll post photos of what you've done with it. Happy drawing!

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