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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Turning your Adult Coloring Pictures into Cards 2

I have shown you one option for making cards with your adult coloring pages and today I will show you another. I had an off-cut left from one of my coloring pages after using half of it in another project. Even off-cuts can still be used as I will show you in today's blog.

The off-cut I had to work with measured 6" x 5". This made it ideal to use on a card made from 12" x 12" craft paper. You should really check out the variety of available coloring books for adults on the shelves these days!

I cut a 12" x 12" monochrome craft sheet in two so that it measured 12" x 6". I used a metal ruler and craft knife for this purpose.

I folded the card in half. I then used double-sided tape to position and attach the off-cut to the middle of my card.

I now cropped coordinating A4 paper to measure 5" x 10".

This page was folded in half. I then applied double-sided tape right next to the spine and attached it to the inside of the card. This would become the space I would write my message on.

I used some of the smaller pictures I have colored in to decorate the inside of the card.

I then used one of my Derwent Coloring pencils and a ruler to draw a border/frame around the outside of the card. This simply gave it a more finished appearance.

I was satisfied with the inside of the card at this stage and turned my attention back to the outside of the card.

I found some lovely ribbon and cut two strips of 6" each.

I used the ribbon to frame my off-cut picture and then put dollops of glue on the picture before sticking some wire butterflies in place. In a few quick steps I have managed to create a lovely card from objects found around the house. Why don't you do the same and post some photos of your own cards.

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