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Monday, 26 October 2015

Making Simple Pancakes

I went swimming with the little nieces and nephew today and we managed to work up quite an appetite in the cold water. When we got out I suggested pancakes and they jumped at it! Let me share this exceptionally quick and easy pancake recipe with you. This one has been passed down by handwritten notes for so many generations that I honestly have no idea where the recipe originated, but I guarantee its goodness.

Measure 3 cups of cake flour in a large bowl (750 ml).

Add 5 ml baking powder (1 teaspoonful).

Add a pinch of salt.

Add 2 eggs. Beat with an electric beater.

Add approximately 1 L of water and continue beating. Add enough water that the mix will run from the spoon. If it drips from the spoon, add more water.

Add oil to a pan and warm. Once the oil is warm, pour the excess oil out so the pan has as little oil as possible in the bottom. I keep a small cup of oil at the side and keep recycling the same oil from the cup. Every time a pancake is baked, I 'rinse' the pan with oil before pouring the excess back into the cup. This way the pan remains lightly smeared, but the pancakes are not oily.

Pour the batter into the pan and twirl the pan so the batter fills the bottom of the pan. A tiny amount of batter will go a long way. Guard against thick pancakes. They should be only slightly thicker than paper.

Once the sides loose from the pan, you can flip the pancake over. It only takes a few seconds (perhaps a minute?) on each side.

Flip the warm pancake onto a plate. You can add any sweet or savory filling of your choice, but the old favorite of cinnamon-sugar goes a long way when feeding a bunch of hungry young swimmers. Simply mix ground cinnamon with white sugar and sprinkle it over the pancakes.

Hook the side of the pancake with the tooth of a fork and roll it up. This will save your hands when rolling scalding hot pancakes. Let me know how much you love this simple recipe. Bon appetit!

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