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Thursday, 18 June 2015

Scrapbook Paper 3 Acrylic paint as an adhesive

We will be making another scrapbook page today, or if you wish, another mixed media project. This one relies very much on product knowledge, but fear not, I will teach you all the tricks. We use acrylic paint as an adhesive in this project, since all acrylic paints has wonderful adhesive qualities.

I start on a prepared paper which has been strengthened with gesso. Read more about that here. I will also need some 6" x 6" patterned papers, acrylic paint, a flat brush and Acrylic Gel Medium. I plan the layout before I begin. If you can not find 6" x 6" patterned paper, you can cut your 12" x 12" papers into quarters.

I paint the whole page Sap Green, lathering the paint on rather thick.

While the paint is still wet, I lay the papers in place and rub out the air bubbles.

I use a palette knife to scoop some acrylic gel medium onto a plastic lid that I use for a palette. My brush is still fully loaded with wet paint and I dip this loaded brush in the acrylic gel medium.

When I seal the paper with the acrylic gel medium, both the brush and the paint on the paper is still wet. This allows me to pull the green paint onto the paper inserts. The gel medium will make the paint even more translucent than normally, so that you will still be able to see the print and the colours from the papers, but now with a green tinge to it.

When I have covered both of the smaller papers with the gel medium, I allow the project to dry before continuing.

Wanting to keep the project rather simple, I decide to restrict myself to only stamping as added decoration. I start with a medium sized stamp of a dragon fly which will be stamped onto the background using Tim Holtz's Distress Ink in Walnut Stain.

The dragon flies are stamped randomly all over the page.

I now choose the Pigment Stamp Pad by Pretty Color in their Summer colors. I will use this to stamp some flowers onto the page. I use this sparingly since it is much brighter than the rest of my layout.

Lastly I stamp another flower design onto the page in Tim Holtz Distress Ink's Faded Jeans.

When I am done, I have a fabulous page to add some art jounaling to, or photos of my loved ones, as my heart desires.

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