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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Covering buttons with fabric

There was a time when everybody knew how to cover buttons with fabric. Then covered buttons became unfashionable, as did wearing home-sewn clothes. Lately this has changed, partly due to the poor quality of workmanship in factory made clothing and partly due to the fact that there is a new-found appreciation for craftsmanship of any kind, including sewing and tailoring. Buttons have also moved out of needlepoint and into a variety of other crafts, making it all the more popular to once again learn the neglected 'art' of covering buttons in fabric.

You will need the button and its backing and a piece of fabric that you want to use to cover the button in.

Cut the fabric into a rough circular shape substantially larger than the button you want to cover.

Lay button on top of the fabric. I want to use the design on the fabric and need to take care to keep the design in place.

Fold the sides of the fabric in and hook it into the hooks on the back of the button to keep it in place.

Check the front to make sure the design is in place (if applicable).

Make sure the fabric is smoothed out in front and on the sides.

Place the back of the button in place, sliding it on.

Apply a fair amount of pressure to clip the back onto the front.

I repeated the same steps on a second button.

I'd love to see what you do with your covered buttons. I am thinking of using mine in paper crafts. Time will tell, but I'm sure to keep you informed.

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