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Friday, 19 June 2015

Adding a Photo to your Album Cover

Today's blog is a very short and easy one, but it is all about creating first impressions and the importance of that can never be overestimated. A lot of store-bought albums have a slot to slide a photo into in the cover. I love this. However, I don't like to simply slide a photo in there. Instead, I treat as a blank page and decorate it accordingly. The only thing to be careful of is that you use embellishments that will be able to withstand handling.

Select the photo that best suits the album. This album is all about the toddler years of the little boy in the photo and I found this formal school photo perfect for the occasion.

Measure the dimensions of the photo slot. Mine measured 7 x 7 cm.


I select a piece of cardstock that coordinates with the colors on the album and cut it to 8 x 8 cm.

It is time to position the photo, the main element, on the mini page. The photo is stuck in place with double-sided tape.

Crop the photo to the desired size.

Slide the photo and cardstock into the photo slot. Some albums have an opening on the front and some have it on the back of the cover.

So far so good. Time to add some embellishments and/or journaling.

I opt to use three cute hearts and a butterfly in coordinating colors. This is glued on with Tombow glue, making it possible to withstand lots of handling.

I followed the same pattern and style on the little sister's album, turning the albums into a set.

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