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Monday, 22 June 2015

Rock, paper, scissors? No! Paper, fabric, wood - all in one project

We spent a great many hours yesterday transferring an image from paper to fabric. What do we do with it now? Well, I turned it into a handbag, but you are free to do with it what you please. Let me share with you some of my ideas.

I started off by preparing the wooden handles I was going to use, painting them with a coat of gesso. I use a wide flat brush for this.

Gesso dries almost instantly and pretty soon I was able to paint the handles in Fluro Rose Acrylic Paint. I loved the idea of this vibrant color, since it echoed the colors in both the paper and the fabric I was going to use. I once again used a wide flat brush.

Once the Fluro Rose was dry, I painted the edges of the handles with Acrylic Ivory Black. This time I used a small flat brush.

I have already prepared the fabric and pulled it closer to choose which parts of the design would be most useful for my purposes. Read all about the process of transferring paper designs onto fabric in yesterday's blog by clicking here.

I use the paper off-cuts from the previous blog and cut the design using sharp pointed scissors.

I lay the cut-outs on the handles to make sure they fit and make a lovely picture.

I decoupage the paper cut-outs onto the wood using Acrylic Gel Medium and a wide flat brush.

Coat the surface where the cut-out will go in the acrylic gel medium.

Lay the cut-outs on the painted surface and rub out all air bubbles trapped under the paper.

Coat the cut-outs with another layer of acrylic gel medium. It dries clear, so do not be afraid to coat it well.

Leave the handles to dry thoroughly.

I decided to stamp some designs onto both the fabric and the handles. I used Tim Holtz's Distress Ink in Walnut Stain and a selection of stamps.

Satisfied that the fabric and handles blended with the rest of the fabric I intended to use on the handbag, I proceeded to make the handbag. You can read about making this bag yourself in a previous blog by clicking here. This handbag is available from Miekie Crafts on

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