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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Father's Day Card

Father's Day is upon us and it is time to tell those special men in our lives how much we appreciate them. I am a firm believer in the personal touch and prefer handmade cards to store-bought ones. Yet, I am well aware that everyone has busy schedules and a card should not take a whole day to make. Let me show you a quick one to make.

I divide a 12" x 12" double-sided paper in half so it measures 12" x 6". Use a metal ruler and craft knife for this.

Fold the card in half.

I use a brown china marker to mark an area of 4" x 4" on a piece of coordinating felt.

Liking the border created by the china marker, I decide to edge the sides that are left as well.

I am going to use Tim Holtz's Distress Ink in Pine Needles to ink most of my elements, including the card itself.

Simply pull the card over the ink pad to ink the edges.

I put an off-cut piece of coordinating cardboard through an embossing roller.

I ink the edges on this embossed cardboard as well.

I then punch a design into the cardboard.

I punch two tags from another coordinating off-cut.

The tags also get inked.

It is time to stick all the elements down on the cover. I use double-sided tape and Tombow glue. I also added a bee embellishment to the card. Notice how I used both the negatives and positives of the horse punch.

I use a metallic marker to write on the tags.

I use a fine-liner to write the messages on the card.

Instead of writing out the word 'bug' in the card, I stick some bug embellishments on the card turning it into a picture puzzle.

The more personal message is written in another color, but still using a fine-liner.

I add some foam rubber embellishments at the bottom of the card as space fillers in keeping with the theme and the color scheme of the card.

I use the fine-liner to add some words to the cover of the card, this time turning the words into somewhat of a puzzle, making the card a little more fun to read.

In next to no time and with very little effort you have created a beautiful, fun and quirky card with just enough sentiment to convey the message of care.

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