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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Birthday Card for a Car Enthusiast

Creating the right card for someone can be tricky. I find that focusing in on one of their pet loves or hobbies can be of great assistance in getting it right. In today's card I used someones enthusiasm for cars as a focal point, but you can easily swap the theme out with one that fits your subject better.

I start by cutting in half a 12" x 12" piece of double-sided cardstock, so it measures 6" x 12".

Have you seen similar cardmaking sets in the shops? I found a couple of great ones at very reasonable prices a few years ago in the Netherlands and cut them apart in front of the television. I find that using these elements on their own, often result in very dreary looking cards and prefer to combine them with some of my own elements. If you do not have a set like this, simply gather pictures from anywhere; the internet, gift wrapping paper, etc.

I fold the card almost in half, allowing the bottom of the card to extend 1 cm longer than the top of the card.

I find coordinating ribbon to decorate that 1 cm edge of the card.

Cut the ribbon to the required lenth (6") and fix it in place using double-sided tape.

I also found a piece of handmade paper that would coordinate very well with my project. I am fortunate that it is already an ideal size and I don't need to crop it.

I use my craft knife to cut the required letters from the alphabet sheet that came with the set.

Adding the rest of the elements from the collection, I build a layout that I am satisfied with. I use double-sided tape on all of the elements except for the letters. These are attached with 3D double-sided squares so that they are raised on the card.

The main picture appears too small for the matting and I make it visually smaller by adding half-frames with a metallic marker.

I add a single bit of bling to the page with Tombow glue, not wanting the tag to simply sit on the page. A tag always need to be attached by some means, even if only visually and not actually.

I cut one of the borders that came with the set in half.

This is added to the inside of the card, leaving enough space to add a personal message.

Satisfied with both the outside and the inside of the card, I decide that I am done.

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