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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Birthday Card for a Teen Boy

Teen boys can be notoriously difficult to please when it comes to cards and sentimental things. I like to keep it very manly when it comes to this group. You do not want them to get the idea that you still think of them as boys! Remember to add an interesting aspect to the card. In this case I tied it with a string, creating the element of secrecy and making it only slightly more intricate to get to the message. You ask why? When you have to work at opening something, you are more curious about the contents than when you can simply flip it open. An aunt has to have clever tricks up her sleeve, doesn't she?

I select a page from my scrapbook stash that reminds me of the games that the boy in question loves to play. It is a bonus that one side is blue, since this is his favorite color. The black makes it ever so much more sophisticated.

This time I do not cut the page in half, since that would ruin the design. Instead, I cut it on a sensible line.

I keep the smaller piece at the bottom for the card and set the top aside.

I notice that there are definite vertical lines on the paper and decide to use these as fold lines. This means that the card will fold in from both sides.

When I am done, I notice that the card does not close properly. I will let this work to my advantage when I add the string at the end to tie it together.

I now know that I will want to use string and choose a sheet of stickers with designs of tags to decorate the right side of the folded card. The tags will give me space to position the split pins into.

Writing on black is very difficult. I therefore select a sheet of handmade paper in coordinating blue to add to the cover of the card. This is cut to size.

I find some black cardstock and punch the teenagers name out using the alphabet punch set I have on standby.

The name is glued in place on the outside of the card.

I decide to use the same black cardstock as a background for writing the message on the inside of the card. I cut it to size and stick it in place using double-sided tape.

Pivoting some elements is always a good idea because it prevents the whole from becoming boring and stagnant, being too rigid.

I cut the age of the birthday boy  from the top sheet of paper. This was mighty convenient!

I use 3D double-sided tape to attach the '14' to the card, allowing it to stand out more than the rest of the elements.

I have a number of options for writing on black, but select a less obvious choice, using Derwent's Aquatone pencils for the purpose. The Aquatone pencils show off remarkably well against black and adds a sense of play to the card.

Adding a few embarrassing elements to the card is every aunts prerogative and I shall not pass up on the opportunity, making use of girly hearts and flowers to convey my proclamation of undying devotion to this nephew of mine.

I use a craft knife to make small holes where I want to push the split pins through the thick cardboard.

I use the right side to guide the position of the split pins on the left hand side of the card.

Wanting to hide the backs of the split pins on the inside of the card, I find coordinating paper tape and stick these over the two rows of split pins.

I find a thin thread to thread under the split pins.

I thread the yarn the same as I would with shoelaces and then I am done.

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