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Friday, 3 August 2018

Square Bag With A Sling: Painting The Shopping Ladies Part 3 of 4

For the past two blogs we have been looking at how to go about making the Square Art Bags with their slings. In this blog we look at how to paint the designs for those shopping ladies on one of the bags. I show you how to draw both of the pictures before we paint them.

I start by painting the background Peach using Dala Fabric Paint.

When the paint is dry, I iron it with a hot iron to fix the colour.

Not everyone is equally comfortable with working immediately in ink. With this is mind, I did the pictures for this bag in charcoal, before redrawing the lines in ink. Once drawn, I ironed over the ink to set it and then I washed the charcoal out of the fabric, before ironing it again to smooth it. For the other bags, I worked in ink from scratch, but I wanted to show that it was possible to use a less fixed medium first, before applying a more permanent one.

I started at the head and neck of the figure.

This was followed by the body and legs.

Then followed the arms with all the shopping bags.

I now switched to a dip pen and redrew the charcoal lines in Dala Acrylic Ink.

I had barely begun drawing the lines before switching to a wider nib on the pen. Once, I was done, I ironed the ink into the fabric and washed out the charcoal.

With the fabric dry once again, I painted the dress.

I used a first colour on the shopping bags.

The second colour went onto the shopping bags.

A third colour went onto the shopping bags.

Then I added some bright red shopping bags.

Now I brought white into the shopping bags.

Black was used to paint her shorts.

Her hair was painted dark brown.

I did not paint the body, but merely touched it with colour along the outlines. I then ironed the picture again to fix the colour.

The second figure is also started at the head.

I add the dress and arm.

I add the handbag and the legs.

I then redraw the figure in Dala Acrylic Ink, using a dip pen. When the ink is dry, I iron it to prevent it from washing out. Then I wash out the charcoal. I allow the fabric to dry and iron it once more to smooth it out.

The figure is painted very much the same way as the first.

This is what the bag looks like inside once sewn.

This is one side of the bag.

This is the other side of the bag.

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