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Monday, 7 March 2016

Scrapbooking 15: Allowing the Date to Dictate the Layout

For today's blog I had a brand new baby and the 1st of January. Which do you show off in your album? The newborn will always be more important, but when you allow the newborn to direct the attention to the date, you can allow the date to dictate the layout. This is exactly what I did in today's blog.

I had these cute photos where pink and red dominated and decided to continue with this color scheme when deciding on my craft paper for the layout.

I found coordinating monochrome paper and cut double frames from these for both photos. I did a detailed blog on cutting frames in an earlier blog, which you can read here, if you've missed it.

This is what the photos looked like after I framed them, front and back.

Lay the photos in their desired places on the layout.

When cutting frames or matting, I often end up with thin cropped off edges. I always save these as they could possibly be used as borders in a follow-up project. This is exactly what I did when I incorporated three of these off-cuts in this layout, forming a pretty border for my right hand page. On the side, you can see one of these off-cuts that was the result of today's cutting of the borders.

A long time ago, I found these post-it pads in a shop. I added them to my stash and now seemed a perfect time to incorporate them in the layout.

I stuck some journaling from a sticker sheet to the arrow: "Introducing the world's most beautiful baby."

I wrote my own journaling on the speech bubble: "What do you mean Happy New Year? I'm barely a week old! I want my 365 days!" This speech bubble will help to underline the theme of the page.

A pink princess or two has never harmed any layout where little girls are concerned!

I also love the idea of tiny feet for baby layouts and these rubber stickers worked beautifully in pink!

The left hand paper had its own natural border in the print, but I decided to enliven the blank area by adding a rhinestone border, made up of individual rhinestones.

I found a sticker sheet with very subtle journaling that would not detract from the focal journaling that was to follow. I used these stickers to fill some of the empty spaces on the layout meaningfully.

More of the same sticker sheet.

Finally, I added the journaling that carried the theme of the layout. Note how I have deviated from the colors to make this stand out more.

This very simple layout effectively introduces our new baby to her first New Year.

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