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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Making Washi Tape Coasters

I have had these coasters lying around the house for ages. I started with them once, but never got around to finishing them. Then my eye caught those lovely Washi tape rolls of mine and inspirations hit me like a wave. Why not decorate them with the tape? This may be one of the simplest craft projects you'll ever do, but the results are absolutely stunning. I also show you how to seal the coasters when finished to make them more practical for wipe-downs and spills.

The coasters had been painted with Gesso a long time ago. I would suggest you also start on a white background, as this will show off the designs on the tape better. This is because a number of the tapes are semi-transparent.

Decide upon the direction or angle at which you want to stick the washi tape and lay down the first line. Use a sharp craft knife to crop the tape right on the edge of the coaster.

Find a matching design for the second line and stick it down right next to the first.

Now find a third matching tape and stick that down as you did the others.

I you struggle to crop it neatly, you may consider flipping the coaster over and using the cutting mat to crop on.

I frequently found that the last strip did not fit properly. Stick down the tape regardless.

Flip the coaster over and crop around the corner.

Matching these Washi Tape designs was a no-brainer.

Let's be a little more adventurous, mixing brown, black and white.

Even this odd collection looks very nice when taped down.

Often, Washi Tape is sold in sets. In such cases the match is simple.

Inevitably this will be pleasing to the eye.

How about adding some bling?

This too can be used quite successfully.

Perhaps you want to be a little more colorful?

I know this will be a favorite with my nieces!

Could we match a bright color with the earth tones?

I am quite thrilled by how nicely this odd collection worked.

I now have a set of six non-matching coasters, yet they work together as a set because they have enough in common in layout and size. It should be easy enough for guests to keep track of their own glasses when you set out individualized coasters like these.

Time to add finishing touches. I will be using Lamp Black Acrylic Paint and a small flat brush for this.

Paint the edges of the coaster black to provide a pretty finish.

I will use Acrylic Gel Medium and a wide flat brush to seal the coasters.

Apply 2-3 coats of the gel medium, waiting between coats for the medium to dry.

You will now be able to wipe the coasters clean and you can put them to good use.

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