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Monday, 14 March 2016

3 Hearts Wall Hangings

Some off-cut Masonite, a little paint, Washi Tape and some clay is all you need to make yourself this simple but striking set of of three wall hangings. Let me show you how easy it is so you can do it yourself.

I started by kneading some Dala Air-Drying Clay. I then rolled it out with a rolling pin and used one of my cookie cutters to cut out some cute heart shapes. I put this aside to dry for about 24 hours.

I had some Masonite off-cuts in the studio. I sawed these into three squares and painted them with Gesso. They were then left to dry, which was almost instantly.

I then used Dala Craft Paint in Duck Egg to paint the Masonite squares.

Then I used Washi Tape to decorate the squares with. I stuck one line of Washi tape down and then used the width of the tape to leave a line open, before sticking down another line of tape.

The tape was folded over at the end to the backs of the Masonite squares.

This is what the squares should look like when done.

I used three different designs of Washi Tape, but stuck to the same color on the tape.

I then used Dala Acrylic Gel Medium to seal both the tape and the paint with.

Apply 2-3 layers of Acrylic Gel Medium. Wait between coats for the medium to dry.

I pondered whether or not to paint the hearts, loving the natural color of the clay, but finally decided to paint it Warm Red with Dala Craft Paint.

I then used Tombow glue to attach them to the Masonite backings.

Whether you hang them next to each other, or underneath each other, these three little wall hangings are sure to brighten any room.

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