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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Engraved Wood Card

We do a couple of interesting things on wood, such as engraving, chalking and inking, before we use the wood panel on a birthday card. Interested? Let me show you more.

I use a wide flat brush to paint a square piece of masonite with black gesso.

I then use Gold Acrylic Paint to cover the gesso with.

Notice how I allowed the black to show through the gold by painting only a thin and uneven coat of gold.

I will be using my Chizzel-it set for most of this project, but all of these tools are available in other brands and manual tools as well.

This is a battery operated tool with different heads that are attached.

I start with the engraving head.

I position a metal stencil on the wooden square and chisel away with the engraving tool.

You can see that the wood has been engraved right down and into the wood surface.

I now use a small brush to stencil the background white using acrylic paint. This is to make sure that the rest of the colors will appear bright.

I put the little brush head on to stencil ink from an ink pad onto the design.

This battery operated brush works exactly as any normal stenciling brush.

I am not sure that this is bright enough for my liking, but I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.

I use the buffing tool and my soft pastels next.

I use yet another stencil for this step, wanting to create a border around the design.

I loosely powder pastel inside the border.

I then use the buffing tool to give me a chalked finish.

I like the chalked effect, but I want a sharper edge and brighter colors.

I decide to turn to my Inktense Blocks.

Using a medium round brush, I wet the brush and pick the color up from the blocks, exactly as I would watercolors.

As the design is engraved into the wood, it is very simple to stay inside the tiny lines.

I then place the border stencil back on the design. I use the engraving tool to chisel into the wood all along the frame.

Now the chalking makes more sense!

I use a cutting mat, craft knife and metal ruler to cut a 12"x12" craft paper in half.

The double-sided paper is then folded in half.

I use double-sided tape to attach a journaling tag to the card.

I love how this tag mirrors the design on the masonite embellishment.

I use Tombow glue to attach the masonite square.

Things are starting to come together.

I lay down two rows of glue dots.

I use the glue dots to stick down some rhinestone embellishments and that concludes the card. Fun, wasn't it?

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