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Friday, 25 March 2016

School Holiday Project 20 - Making Cute Pom-Pom Critters

For this special day I will show you how to make some cute chickens and a fluffy bunny using pom-poms. It is not because I think these silly creatures have anything to do with the marvelous work that Christ did on the cross for us, or in celebrating that event, but because I do believe in quality family time and this is a fun project to do with the kids.

Dala has these marvelous bags of multi-colored and multi-sized pom-poms. This makes it so much easier on the pocket to make things out of the pom-poms as one bag will take you a long way.

Dala also packages their foam rubber sheets in equally convenient multi-colored packs, so that you only have to buy one pack to get a range of beautiful colors.

I start by using my craft knife to cut some feet from the foam rubber. If the feet are giving you hassles, simply cut/punch a heart shape and use the two top 'circles' of the heart as feet, tucking the point underneath the body of the critter.

Although Dala Styrofoam Glue is not strictly speaking meant to be used to glue things like foam rubber and pom-poms to each other, I find it works brilliantly! Use a fairly large pom-pom and stick the feet to it.

Now stick a medium sized pom-pom of the same color on top of the first one.

You can cut out a circle, an oval or a flower from foam rubber to serve as the bunny's tummy. I used a punch to create the flower.

The same glue is used to glue some eyes into place.

Two different colors of foam rubber is used to cut ears from. Use the craft knife to cut slits into the thick fibers of the pom-poms, add a dollop of glue, and stick the ears inside.

Now add a cute tail by gluing on a small pom-pom at the back, and then you are all done with the bunny.

I am going to be making three little chickens and cut feet for them from the foam rubber.

Medium sized pom-poms are glued to the feet.

Then I glue on some eyes.

I cut very simple egg shapes from the foam rubber. These are then cut in half lengthwise to create wings for the chickens.

Glue the wings to the sides of the chickens. Small little upside down triangles form beaks, and then we are done with the chickens as well.

My collection is now stored safely away while my paper mache basket is drying. When that is done, I will put these cuties and some Easter eggs in the paper mache basket as a special treat for my nieces and nephews. More about the paper mache basket in a next blog.

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