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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Lilac Flowers Friendship Card

Sometimes in life you do not have a special occasion to give a card. All you have is a deep sense of appreciation that someone is in your life. In today's blog we make such a card that can be given to that friend who has stood by you when you needed them most. A friendship card that says 'you are appreciated.'

Start by choosing a color scheme that reflects your mood, your friend, or the situation. I chose a reddish lilac to reflect peace and and an upbeat personality. I then grounded it with grey, as that is what this person does for me when I feel to like I'm loosing my footing. With this in mind, I started the card with an A4 piece of cardstock.

I gave the card a Washi Tape edge at the bottom.

I then folded the card over to meet the top edge of the tape.

This will be a top-fold card.

Flip the card open and cut a piece of coordinating cardstock to fit inside. Attach it to the card with double-sided tape strips.

This will give you a nice surface to write your special message on.

I then found some fabric hearts and put double-sided tape at the backs of these.

With the message framed in hearts, there could be little doubt about how much I care for this dear friend.

Keeping the card simple, I feel that the inside is now finished.

A close-up view of the inside.

I found a strip of glitter paper in gold and cut it in half to lay on the outside of the card as a pretty little border.

Wanting to break away from the stagnant lines, I stuck a grey square diagonally inside the frame formed by the two gold strips..

I then found four fabric flower embellishments and stuck a little double-sided tape onto their backs.

These were arranged just off the corners of the square.

A Tombow glue dot inside each flower would hold the next layer.

A second fabric flower is placed on the glue dot, giving the rather boring flowers a little dimension.

I finish the card with a show-stopper flower that forms the focal point of the whole design, not only because of the layout, but also because the red center of the flower is the brightest color on the page. And then my card is ready to receive its message before accompanying an arrangement of real flowers to a friend.

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