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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Making a Stepped Birthday Card

Today's blog has two elements that I absolutely love. The first is the interesting shape of the card that seem to mimic steps. The second is the interesting use of the simple circle shape. Sometimes simplicity goes a long way and has the ability to make a stronger impression than intricacies. Let me walk you through these quick steps and show you what to look out for to get it just right.

You will need a double-sided 12" x 12" craft paper.

Most cutting mats are marked off in inches on one side and centimeters on the other. Turn the side with the inches to the top. Use a craft knife and metal ruler to cut from the 12" marking at the top of the page, to the 6" marking on the other side of the page.

Fold the paper over at the 4" marking on the cutting mat.

Now fold the paper back at the 0" marking on the cutting mat. That should divide the paper in thirds and give you a pretty stepped appearance.

Use a circle punch to punch out some circles from the off-cut piece of paper. (Alternatively, describe some circles with a compass and cut them out with a craft knife or scissors).

Punch a few more circles from a coordinating piece of paper.

Test the layout of the circles on your card.

Now put the circles through a crinkling machine. If you don't have something to crinkle the circles with, you can squash them in your hand and flatten them back out again for a different effect.

Stick some 3D tape at the backs of the circles.

Now get yourself some Distress Ink. I use Tim Holtz's Walnut Stain.

Ink the edges of the circles.

Now grab them by the 3D tape and ink the surfaces as well. The unevenness of the wrinkles will assist in creating a very distressed look.

Isn't that gorgeous? And the best is that every circle will have unique markings.

Stick the circles onto the card. Be careful that the lines don't form a pattern. It must appear scattered.

I now found myself some glitter paper and used my alphabet punches to punch out the letters of the name of the person the card is intended for.

I also punched out a heart for the leftover circle at the bottom. The heart was attached with the same 3D tape I used for the circles.

I wanted to raise the letters as well, but the 3D squares would be too big to attach them with. I therefore used the craft knife to cut the squares in half.

I then used tweezers to put the squares on the backs of the letters and the letters, in turn, on the circles.

A very simple, but effective card. Ideal for a man, isn't it?

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