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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Making Home-Made Ice Cream

May I confess that I am one of a minute group of people who do not like ice cream? Therefore making home-made ice-cream never occurred to me to do. That is until the 16-year old in my life walked into the kitchen as I was baking with a tub of chilled cream in his hands. He wanted to make ice cream and naturally figured that his aunt would be up for the experiment. Well, okay then. As we are both coffee-holics, that is the flavour we settled on. We did a Google research, read a couple of recipes, kept the ideas we liked and discarded the rest. This blog shares our experimental Home-Made Coffee Ice Cream recipe with you.

We started by brewing some nice strong espresso on the stove top. I have blogged about this process of making espresso before and if you've missed it, you can read the blog here.

We then added a liter milk and 2 cups sugar to a pot and slowly heated the milk until all the sugar was dissolved.

To this we added 10 ml vanilla essence. We then left the milk to cool down completely.

We emptied 500 ml chilled full cream to a bowl. This was beaten with a mixer to stiffen.

We started off by adding only a quarter of a cup of espresso to the milk mixture, but ended up adding half a cup.

Once cold, the milk mix was slowly added to the cream, while my nephew kept on mixing it all the while at slow speed to prevent froth from forming.

This mixture was then placed in the freezer for two-three hours to chill. We then took it out and spooned it into a mold, before placing it back in the freezer. Sadly the power went out and stayed out for more than 8 hours at this point. This did not bode well for the ice-cream.

When the ice-cream was finally frozen through, the long delay had caused a couple of icicles to form, but the final result was still pleasing enough to be gobbled up in one sitting! Even this non-Ice-cream eater had some and wished there was more.

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