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Friday, 19 August 2016

School Holiday Project 38: Making A Wooden Car

My little nephew had his birthday and received a set of real tools from his grandparents as well as a set off wooden blocks from his parents. This meant that the little man was ready to start building. Unfortunately, the adults were all busy with their own things and he sought me out for assistance. This aunt loves a new set of tools as much as any boy and it wasn't long before we started constructing the idea for a wooden car that came with the block set. I liked this concept so much that I decided to blog it, as it is very easy to saw your own blocks and do something similar with your own kids.

The wooden block set that he received for his birthday, had this schematic for building a car. We soon found that nailing the pieces resulted in the wood splitting and settled for merely gluing the pieces together.

We started off by simply assembling the pieces together without glue, making sure we had all the right pieces and that they all fitted the way they were supposed to.

Simeon then made a right mess of gluing the pieces together, but I simply wiped the excess glue away without making too much of a fuss. This table has seen bigger messes and many of those were my own doing!

At six, gluing requires a lot of concentration an Simeon fell into dead silence at this time.

The protruding tongue is always a sign of thinking, planning and concentrating!

Finally the parts were assembled. I sent him off to play ball while the glue dried and made use of this opportunity to wipe most of the glue away that were seeping from the car. I also lined the pieces up where the clumsy little fingers struggled to do so.

Once the glue had dried, it was time to attach the wheels and the steering wheel.

Simeon did not like the open front and decided to change the design to cover this area.

In no time at all we had built this little car. This is puzzle building on a whole new level. Practical little man, this boy of ours. Both of us immediately knew that this project was too simple for our liking and I challenged him a little more in the next one when we made a truck that doubled as a bed lamp. More about that in tomorrow's blog.

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