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Monday, 15 August 2016

School Holiday Project 36: Spray-Painting A Star Monster

The little ones came over for a quick visit and my nephew, looking at me with longing eyes, asked if we could please do some art. My heart simply melted. I quickly looked around for inspiration and found it in an odd place. We had been cutting sale stars from laminated sheets and all of a sudden it occurred to me that these were perfect shapes to use for monsters. And monsters are what we made.

I retrieved these large sheets pf paper from my last shoe purchases. It was used as packaging in the box. They would be perfect for a project involving spray painting as they are large enough to catch the over-spray.

These are the negatives of the laminated stars we were cutting out earlier and this was what inspired my idea to create monsters. You can of course use any old stencil of a star effectively.

Dala has two products that are brilliant for spraying. The first is their Acrylic Drawing Ink. I simply pour these into cheap spray bottles and the liquid ink sprays beautifully.

Another Dala product, that comes ready packaged in a spray bottle, is their Fabric Spray. This product may have been intended for fabric, but I have often used it very successfully on a number of surfaces. I allowed the kids to choose from any of the bottles available as both products are truly brilliant.

I pointed out to the kids that they needed to keep the bottles a fair distance away from the paper to get a fine mist spray. Holding it too close to the paper, would result in blotchy drops. The boy insisted on trying for both. Excellent! This is how we learn for ourselves.

His little sister had a bit of a hard time maintaining a hold on the bottle and working the spray nozzle, but eventually she managed to get both her paper and her aunt covered in paint!

While we waited for the ink/paint to dry, I rummaged through my stickers and came across these sets of eyes. Perfect for our monsters.

We removed the stencils and stuck the eyes on the 'monsters'.

Little sister did the same.

They then started cutting out the shapes.

Shortly after taking this photo, I cut the large paper in half, making it much easier to cut out the monsters.

Simply a quick and fun project, but with great developmental benefits.

The best part is that once again, we managed to do at little to no cost!

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