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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

School Holiday Project 37: Making A Pipe Cleaner & Hanky Doll

It was my nephew's birthday and I as helping him build something with the tool set he received as a gift from his grandparents. His little sister got a little jealous of all the attention he was receiving and I had no option but to do a little project with her on the side. She loved making this cute doll out of an old handkerchief and pipe cleaners.

Your basic requirements for this project is a cloth handkerchief (or a fabric square), two pipe cleaners, rope and a wooden/polystyrene ball. I used a couple more things, but these are the bare essentials.

Twist one of the pipe cleaners around the ball. These will become the arms.

Twist the remaining pipe cleaner around the knot of the first pipe cleaner to form the legs.

Fold the handkerchief over the head and gather it directly below the head.

Tie with a piece of string.

Spread the points of the handkerchief to the arms and to the center of the body between the legs.

Gather and tie the handkerchief just above the 'hands'.

Fold the points back and tie these down again so that the hands are formed by the 'bubbles' that the fabric makes.

Gather the handkerchief at the waist and tie it with rope.

The bottom ends of the handkerchief hang freely to resemble a skirt. Turn the doll over so that all the rope knots are at the back.

Glue some eyes onto the head.

You can buy this doll's hair at most craft stores. I keep mine in a pencil case to keep it untangled and debris free.

Glue some hair onto the head.

Glue a little decoration onto the dress.

With little to no effort you will have a little doll that cost next to nothing, but will fill a little girl's heart with delight.

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