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Monday, 22 August 2016

Making 1st Birthday Hello Kitty Cards For Twin Girls

My friend's twin girls are turning 1! Every time a little girl has a birthday, it is an excuse to indulge in an overload of pink. I consulted with the two little girls in my life, my nieces, and they both agreed that I could not go wrong with Hello Kitty. That is why I show you how to draw two Hello Kitty designs in today's blog, before we turn them into birthday cards.

I use a double-sided 12"x12" monochrome scrapbook paper as base for the cards, I start by dividing this in half so that each half measures 6"x12".

I then fold the paper in half to create cards that measure 6"x6" each.

I then find a single sheet of printer paper and cut two squares measuring 14 cm x 14 cm each. This will fit nicely on top of my cards.

I start by drawing a large circle and ears for Kitty's head.

I then start to develop the bodice of the dress.

Time to draw the arms, hands and sleeves.

Finally, I add the skirt of the dress.

The belt and ribbon is drawn on the waist.

The signature ribbon is added to the one ear.

Lastly follows two circles for the eyes, one for the nose and three whiskers on each side of the face.

With the first Hello Kitty drawn, I start on the face for the second card, doing exactly the same thing as before.

The dress looks different in this drawing and this already becomes obvious when I draw the bodice.

I draw the arms and hands.

Lastly, I draw the skirt of the dress. The drawings are now complete and I can start adding colour.

I like using Derwent Inktense pencils when making cards as these pencils have very vibrant and intense colours.

I used only three colours on this Kitty. To get the lighter shade of pink, I coloured the applicable areas with white first, before using the intense pink pencil over the white.

I then use a black liner to draw Hello Kitty's signature dark outlines. I do not draw the whiskers yet.

The other Kitty is also coloured with only three pencils.

The drawing is then also outlined with a black liner, aside from the whiskers.

Both Hello Kitty's are then cut out.

I apply glue to the back of the cut-outs.

The Kitty's are then pasted down on the cards and the whiskers are finally drawn in with the black liner.

Remember to draw the whiskers for both Hello Kitty's.

I then draw two candles on an off-cut piece of pink cardboard.

These drawings are also redrawn with a black liner.

I cut out the candles.

I apply 3D double-sided tape to the backs of the candles.

The candles are then pasted onto the cards, affirming the fact that the girls are turning 1.

A couple of embellishments are all that is needed to finish the cards in a girly way.

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