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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Cardmaking: Combining Odd Patterns Into A Single Card

Most of us have been raised to believe that you can not use two floral patterns together and that if you have one strong dominant pattern, that you should use plain colours with it. This is a good general rule of thumb, but it is possible to combine a multitude of patterns successfully if you keep certain design principles in mind. I show you how to do this in today's blog when I make a multi-patterned card.

I start this card from a patterned A4 cardboard that is printed on one side only.

The carboard is trimmed to fit inside the envelope I will slip the card into.

The cardboard is then scored down the center where the fold will be.

The card is folded over a ruler to ensure a neat fold line.

Make sure to test the fit of the card in the envelope before continuing. Changes can easily be made at this stage, but may require more effort at the end of the project!

Not liking the idea of a plain white card on the inside, I trim an A4 paper to measure 0,5 cm smaller than the card in width as well as length. This paper will be placed inside the card, breaking the monotony of the white paper.

Fold the paper in half and put some double-sided tape along one side of the fold.

Stick the paper inside the card.

You now have a much more interesting surface to write your message on.

The base of my card is a very colourful and very strong pattern that is extremely busy. Normally I would only use plain colours with this. But today, I will add loads of other patterns to it. I start with a plain glitter paper that repeats one of the colours in the base card. This plain paper has had a pattern punched into it, which has resulted in this now also counting as a patterned paper. As the 'transparent' pattern allows the original pattern to show through, there is little effort required to make this work effectively. Cut the glitter strip to size.

Attach it to the card with double-sided tape.

My next pattern is an absolute clash with the original, but the fact that I am staying in the same colour range, allows me to add this successfully.

I now add yet another crazy pattern to the mix, but this time I use vellum, allowing the pattern underneath to 'blend' with the new one that is added.

The Washi Tape I add also has a floral pattern, but once again, it is transparent. I make sure to stick it over three of the patterns used, bringing these patterns into a unity.

My layout has been directing the eyes to a focal point and this is the area where I add a metal embellishment in the shape of an elephant. Strictly speaking, the elephant is yet another pattern, but as it reflects the colours and patterns in its surroundings, it easily blends into the whole. I use Tombow Glue to stick the embellishment onto the card.

I cut a speech bubble from coordinating plain paper and write a birthday message on this with a Staedtler Fine Liner.

The speech bubble is attached to the card with 3D Tape. As the message of the card has a playful tone, these colours and patterns go a long way to support the idea of fun and playfulness!

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