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Saturday, 1 August 2015

How to draw a Zebra step by step with Derwent Graphitint

Have you been wanting to draw a zebra, but found the idea daunting? Let me show you step by step how to draw one of these cute animals. I use Derwent Graphitint which I paint with water afterwards.

I have some photos off a DVD by Andre Grobler on my iPad and this one of the zebra is among them. I decided to use this for today's lesson. Proper accolades to Andre Grobler!

I am going to be using Derwent's Graphitint pencils for the drawing. These are graphite pencils to which Derwent has added color. It is not as bright as a normal coloring pencil since it is still based on a grey Graphite inner. They have made it one step better by making sure that it is water-soluble. Brilliant!

Here is a color chart of the 24 Graphitint pencils. Note that there is a distinct change in color once it is painted. You need to plan for this if you intend to paint them and it is very handy to have such a color chart on hand.

Since I do intend to paint the drawing with water afterwards, I use a high quality paper that will not buckle or warp and water-soluble graphite pencils.

I stick a sheet of paper from the pad on a masonite backing with masking tape.

I start with the large circle that forms the prominent rump of the zebra.

The neck is added on.

The face is added to the neck.

Some detail is added to the face and neck.

Starting the front legs.

Moving on to the back legs.

Shaping the left hind leg.

Adding detail to the back, the tail and the left hind leg.

Detail added to the body, legs and mane.

Concentrating on the face and neck.

Time to add color. I start with the darkest areas and color them Midnight Black.

I then move to the white areas. White always reflect the colors in its vicinity and is never truly white. I therefore color these a very feint Cocoa.

I bring Green Grey into the white areas as well and add it to the ground.

I use a Pentel Aquash Brush to paint the zebra with water.

Let the painting dry before you remove the masking tape.

In no time at all you have a zebra of your own.

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