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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Chalk Paint Place Mats

Chalk Paint is all the rage these days and painters and designers alike love them for the chalky finish that lends itself to distressing and vintage styles. It is about time we did a blog on chalk paints then! In today's blog I am going to paint a set of 4 place mats with chalk paint. These place mats are available from at Miekie Crafts. Click here to purchase these.

I start by cleaning the surface of the place mats thoroughly. The chalk paint applies very thinly and the smallest bit of dirt is bound to show. I decide to put Moulin Rouge by VanDaniQue at the bottom.

I use a big flat brush with soft bristles to paint with.

I am going for a distressed look and therefore I apply the paint somewhat streaky. This will work in my favor when I do the distressing later. (Getting a streaky finish with this smooth paint is not as easily done as with other paints).

I decide to paint Island Aqua on top of the Moulin Rouge. Do not start the second coating until the first is thoroughly dry.

I paint the Island Aqua in the opposite direction as the Moulin Rouge and once again I try hard to get a streaky finish. Allow to dry.

Using a fine sand paper, I sand the paint down so that more of the Moulin Rouge is showing.

The place mat on the left has not been sanded yet, while the one on the right has been sanded. See the difference? This is called distressing.

I decide to finish the sides with Dark Pewter.

Use a small flat to paint the sides.

I paint a layer of varnish before I continue with the project, not wanting the next layers to affect the base layers too much.

It is time to start with the stencil work. I bought this stencil of a windmill, but I am not entirely happy with it and will adjust it slightly.

I do not intend to use the bottom legs or the center piece. That is why I cover it with masking tape.

With the stencil prepared, I gather my stencil brush and the White Wash chalk paint.

When stenciling, pick up a little bit of paint, dab the brush almost dry on a clean flat surface and then dab the stencil.

Guard against any movement in the stencil and dab the almost dry brush all over. Rather go back for more paint than to load too much paint on the brush. Excess paint will seep under the stencil and you won't have those crisp edges. Instead, you will end up with smudges.

Wait a little for the paint to dry before removing the stencil. This will be quick since it is such a dry painting technique.

I then readjusted the stencil and stenciled the creatures as well.

I am satisfied with this picture and will not add the birds as well. They will clutter up the space.

Carefully wipe the stencil clean with a damp rag.

I use a wide brush to apply a layer of varnish over the whole of the place mat once the paint is dry.

Since a place mat can be expected to get in touch with moist areas, I decide to paint the backs of the place mats with acrylic paint. Once acrylic paint is dry it is a marvelous sealant and water resistant. I decide that black will be a good choice, considering the dark sides of the place mats.

I cover the back of the place mat in a smooth layer of black acrylic paint.

I firmly believe that crafters are taken for granted in our country and have started a drive towards making crafters known by name. That is why you will find craft products in the store organized under the names of the crafters rather than grouped with like products. I will therefore sign my craft pieces with my own name. I use white acrylic paint and a rigger/liner brush for the purlose.

The long thin hair on the rigger brush allows the brush to be loaded with enough paint to paint continuous lines. I can write my whole name without dipping the brush again.

The completed set from the back.

The completed set from the front.

These placemats can be bought on from Miekie Crafts. Simply click here to navigate over.
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