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Friday, 7 August 2015

Welcome Twin Baby Girls with these Duo Cards

I am waiting anxiously to welcome a friend's twin girls into the world. I decided that instead of giving only one card, I will make her a set of two cards, one for each girl. This way she can start a keep-sake album for each of them without them having to share the cards. These two babies will be the first for a mom and dad who have gone through many experiences of pregnancies that failed, even as late as 6 months into the pregnancy. You can therefore only imagine how precious these two darlings are to everyone who know the expectant parents. I wanted to make sure that the cards carried this message.

I bought this beautiful A5 cardboard when traveling abroad. You can also cut patterned paper to size to use if you can not get your hands on similar paper. Fold the cardboard in half.

The inside of the card an extraordinary mundane white. I ink the edges with Tim Holtz Distress Ink in Milled Lavender.

A close-up of the inked edges.

Cut coordinating card stock to fit inside the card.

I use a metallic marker to draw frames around the card-stock insets.

I now slip patterned vellum paper into the center of the left-hand insides of the cards. The right side is left as is since this is where the messages will go.

I draw a bear on an off-cut piece of patterned paper from a previous project. The bear is drawn on the back of the patterned paper which is white.

I lay the paper with the drawing of the bear on top of a second piece of patterned off-cut paper. The right sides must face each other, unless you want the two bears to face in the same direction, in which case the right sides must both be at the bottom.

Squeeze the two papers together and cut the bear out with a pair of sharp-nosed scissors.

I use metallic markers to add detail to the bears.

I then use a Graphic marker to define the details that has been added with the metallic markers.

The card is coming together nicely, but I need to add the flowers that bears are bringing to the babies.

The stems and leaves of the flowers are drawn in with a metallic marker.

I place three dots of Tombow glue where the flowers will be attached.

Every girl needs to be welcomed into the world with flowers.

I now find suitable messages among my die-cut stash.

Double-sided tape and 3D double-sided tape is what I need to secure the messages in place.

Two pairs of little pink feet are coming into the world and these are added to the embellishments of the card.

Some glitzy butterflies are all that is needed to adorn the garden. This is again symbolic of the little darting figures that can soon be expected in the garden of these proud parents.

The insides of the cards when done.

The outsides of the cards when done. The cards are similar enough to celebrate the unity of twin-ship, but different enough to underscore the understanding that two unique individuals are expected.

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