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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Draw a Minion step by step en turn it into a card

Minions are such big news with old and young right now that I simply had to incorporate one of these cute little creatures in a blog. It also had to be female or I would not be forgiven by my niece who is in the Minion class in her preschool. What to do with a minion that you drew step by step? Turn it into a card, of course! Follow with me for this easy drawing lesson. There are only a handful of snags to look out for, the rest is easy as pie.

Minions are yellow. There is nothing else for it. That is why I start on a slightly yellowish paper. This will be a great starting point for a more vibrant yellow later on. Draw a square with an open bottom and round the edges at the top. This is the basic Minion shape. Now add two lines protruding at the sides for arms. These are situated about halfway down the side of the Minion.

Erase the body line on the right side of the Minion with a soft eraser.

Replace it with a more rounded line that is slightly in so this arm is slightly more forward than the other arm which is half hidden behind the body.

Draw the bust-line of the dress to begin and end just below the arms.

Draw the top and side lines of the right hand glove. I also made the dress ever so slightly wider on the left side at the hem. Minions' hands reach almost to the ground and they have exceptionally long arms.

Minions only have three fingers. Draw the last two fingers.

Draw the hem of the dress in a double line. It has lace on the hemline, although we will only draw the lace much later on. For now it is enough to allow a space for it.

Draw the left glove which is half hidden behind the dress.

Draw the left foot which is further back than the right foot and at a different angle.

Draw the right foot bigger since it is more forward than the other.

Draw the shoulder straps of the dress to start just above the shoulders and curve onto the bust line of the dress.

The shoulder straps fasten with flowers. Draw the insides of the flowers.

Draw the petals of the flowers.

The eyes (or in this case, eye) of the Minions are their most distinctive feature. We will spend the most time on this feature. Start by drawing a huge circle in the head, taking up the top half of the head.

Develop the circles for the thick 'glasses' that are distinctive of the Minions. This is a series of circles and half circles.

Add even more of these concentric lines.

Only the attachment on the right of the 'glasses' are visible since the other is turned away from us.

Draw the head band that holds the 'glasses' in place.

Draw the eye in the middle of the 'glasses'.

The mouth is a large very skew half moon.

Note how the teeth are all arranged horizontally. They do not take the curve of the mouth. There are also only top teeth.

We start the hair with a fringe that is parted in the middle.

Draw the hair at the top of the head.

Add the erect plaits at the sides of the head.

Add the bobtails at the end of the plaits. This concludes the drawing. Now let's shape it further with color.

I use Derwent Inktense pencils for its vibrancy.

I erase the pencil lines on the hair before I redraw the lines in Tangerine.

The pigtails are also drawn with short, slightly curved lines.

I add shadow to the hair with Bark.

The elastics in the hair is colored in Apple Green.

I sart the dark areas in the glasses in Charcoal Grey.

The light shadows are done very lightly in Ink Black. The pupil of the eye is done in very dark Ink Black.

The black is lightened even further with Antique White.

I alternate the black and white until the glasses display the required depth.

The lightest white in the glasses is done with a Posca Bullet Point White Marker. I use the same marker to color the white of the eye.

The color of the eye is applied on top of the white marker with Willow.

The teeth are colored with the white marker.

The dark recesses of the mouth is done with the Ink Black pencil.

The Minion's body is colored with a bright Sun Yellow.

The dress is colored with Teal Green.

The Teal Green is too intense and I tone it down with Antique White.

The gloves and shoes are colored with Ink Black.

The centers of the flowers are colored in Tangerine.

The petals of the flowers are done with the white marker.

The lace on the hemline is also done with the white marker. Note the upward curves that indicate a lace pattern.

The same white marker is used to scatter small polka dots all over the Minion's dress.

Our Minion is now complete and ready to move into a project.

Cut the Minion out with a pair of sharp-nosed scissors.

Fold an A4 cardboard sheet in half, save 2 cm at the bottom, as shown. Notice how I use my cutting mat to assist in folding this accurately?

I use Tombow glue to attach the cutout Minion to the cardboard. The fine point of the Tombow applicator bottle makes it easy to glue the thin pigtails down.

I find a second shade of orange cardboard and draw a speech bubble on it.

Cut out the speech bubble.

I use a Chisel Point Black Posca Marker to draw a border around the speech bubble.

One of the famous Minion quotes is "I am with stupid". I use a black Sharpie marker to write the words I am with ... on the speech bubble. This leaves space to fill in the name of a child or a descriptive word like 'beautiful', or 'Princess (name of child)', etc.

The speech bubble is attached with 3D double sided tape.

I purposefully leave the space under the speech bubble open. This is where I would like the completion of the sentence in the speech bubble to go.

Cut a 2 cm strip of cardboard from the second shade of orange, the full width of an A4 paper.

Use double-sided tape to stick this strip at the bottom of the card.

I had this discarded frame from a previous project that would go well with this project. You can easily cut your own to measure 13 cm x 19 cm. The frame is 1 cm wide. Simply cut the center out with a metal ruler and craft knife.

The frame makes a beautifully finished space for the message of the card to go.

The orange strip at the bottom of the card repeats the speech bubble and grounds the figure of the minion a little.

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