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Friday, 31 July 2015

Choosing between using markers or paint

I have been working quite a bit with markers over the past few projects and when it came time to paint two more sets of handles for handbags I was making, I wondered how far I could push the markers? Could they replace paint altogether? Whenever I ask questions like these, I put it to the test to find out the answers. I share my findings with you in this blog after I discovered there is no clear cut answer that applies to all.

I am working with two sets of handles. The red ones have been painted with acrylic paint. The green ones have been painted with fabric paint. This will stick to wood without a problem and can easily be used. Only pay attention to translucency. I draw my design on the handles with a pencil.

Normally I would paint the design in white acrylic to allow the colors to show clearly. This time I choose to use the white Posca marker with a bullet point. This works brilliantly and I am very satisfied with the results.

All of this changes when I get to the green fabric paint. I find that the marker struggles to fill the space and seems to slide off the paint. I decide to use the brush point white Posca marker to see if that would work. It does! Once again, I am very happy.

I decide to push my luck and add the color with Sharpie markers. I need to be very careful or the Sharpie will remove the white marker! Should I have given it more time to dry? It was already touch dry. I manage to color the design successfully, but the results are not spectacular and lacks the quality I am looking for. I think it is substandard and opt to redo it in acrylic paint.

I use a rigger brush for all the fine black line work.

I use a brilliant Angle Brush for the rest of the petals and leaves.

These results satisfy me. I'll seal the handles with Acrylic Gel Medium and they will be ready to use on the handbags.

Here is how the two handbags turned out.

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