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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Scrapbooking 13: Working in a Complimentary Color Scheme

There are certain color combinations that simply seem to work well together. One of these is the complimentary color scheme. In this scheme you use two colors that lie opposite each other on the color wheel. These two colors are referred to as each others compliment. In our example today we use red and green in a complimentary color scheme.

The photos I am working with today are of a watermelon feast on New Year's Day. It was one of the last New Year's  celebrations that the Great Grandmother was with us and the memories are very special. The paper is selected to compliment the theme of the photos. It accentuates the color of the watermelon and establishes the complimentary color scheme.

I start by cutting double frames for each of the three photos in the color scheme. (I have discussed the cutting of frames in a previous blog. You can read it here if you are uncertain how to do this.)

Frames are attached to the photos and the paper with double-sided tape.

In this case I cropped the photos to fit the frames I've cut. I did make note of how much allowance my photos made for cropping before I cut the photos though.

The frames are bringing the juicy deliciousness of the watermelon into focus.

I use a length of crinkle paper ribbon as a backing for a green ribbon. These two lengths of ribbon will form a border for my left hand page.

Both ribbons are attached with double-sided tape.

I cut the ribbon longer than the paper so it can fold over at the top and bottom. I stick it down with sellotape at the back.

I punch the journaling out of green. This will be mounted on red which will be mounted on another shade of green in return.

I spray the red mounting for the letter with a spray adhesive and lay the letters in place with the help of a pair of tweezers.

The numbers are also punched out, but this time from red cardboard. They are mounted on double-sided 3D squares.

With the layout at this stage, all that is needed is to add embellishments.

Some embellishments need to be glued down.

The majority of embellishments have their own adhesives attached.

The final layout.

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