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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Scrapbooking 12: Scrapping your Pets

Our pets play such an important role in our lives that many of us have begun to think of them as part of our family and they have made their way into our photos. Having made their way into our photos it was a small step toward being integrated into family albums. In today's blog I give you a few ideas for scrapping your photos of your pets. We also concentrate on using mainly stickers as embellishments.

I start out with some very cute printed craft paper that I use as background. The bone print sets the scene before anything else is done,

I decide on a double frame of brown and black. The black paper has a texture that is not evident on the photo.

I have discussed the cutting of frames in numerous previous blogs and will not repeat it here. You will need a metal ruler, a craft knife, double-sided tape and a pair of scissors.

Beautiful borders can be bought that is theme specific. The border in the middle is just such a border. The other two borders are off-cuts from packaging that I have re-purposed.

I have these stickers sets in my stash. I have never liked using them since they tend to come loose having a very poor quality glue as a backing. When I do use them, I prefer to glue them on with my own glue rather than to trust their sticky backing. Tombow glue is brilliant for this purpose as it has a very fine applicator tip.

I use photo corners from the sticker sets. Note that I do not put corner stickers on every corner as it becomes too formal and predictable.

I also use the alphabet stickers from the sticker sets. The journaling is stuck to a double-matted surface made from off-cuts.

These two Scottish Terriers are ceramic embellishments and are attached with the Tombow Glue mentioned earlier.

Initially I thought that I would be able to incorporate these cute fabric embellishments, but the layout took me in another direction. I did find a beautiful set of stickers that will add the final touches of whimsy and fun that the photos demand.

I used the whole sticker sheet on the layout and have zoomed in on these.

With the thematic print on the background paper, I do not feel the need to do anything else fearing it might become too cluttered. Notice how the border was added only to one of the pages.

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