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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Mother's Day Card

It is Mother's Day and the best time to say how much you appreciate your own mother. I will show you how to make a quick and inexpensive card for the occasion.

In a previous blog I have shown you how to fuse two papers together using glad wrap which is melted between the two sheets of paper. I use this fused paper to make the mother's day card from. I have cut my 12"x12" paper in half so that it is now a 12"x6" paper. When I fold it in half, I have a 6"x6" card to work on.

My mom loves flowers and a flowery card will suit her perfectly. That is why I search for my stack-able flowers to build her some pretty 3-dimensional flowers. I will also use some split pins shaped like flowers to keep some of them together.

I play around with different combinations until I build a flower I like. I then use an awl to create holes in the flowers that does not have holes, as well as to make any holes that are too small slightly bigger. The awl also helps to line the flowers up so that the centers are lined up.

My pink flowers get a small pink flower on a stem in the centers. I stick the stem through the holes.

The yellow flower gets a split pin pushed through the center. I open the legs at the back since I will not be pushing this through the paper as well. When doing scrapbooking it is a simple matter to push the split pins through the paper, securing the flower in position. This is not an option in cardmaking since the legs will then show on the inside of my card.

I test the layout of the flowers, moving them around the card until I am satisfied with the result. Once I am certain of the layout, I use Tombow glue to stick the flowers down. Each flower simply gets a blob of glue in the center.

I now turn to the inside of my card. Here I simply use a number of die-cut embellishments and stickers to convey the message I want to get across. I simple message inside the card completes it.

Time then to put the final touches on the outside of the card. I use two die-cut letters to spell out the word Ma (Mom) and secure them to the card using 3D squares. also has some great books on art and crafts available in store. Check out this one on cardmaking for more great ideas:

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