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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Cinnamon-Honey Latte

Today I am going to share one of my all time passions with you; that of making the perfect cup of coffee. The perfect cup of coffee does not always look the same. Depending on the mood I'm in it will either have a lot of spices, or none at all. Sometimes a dash of honey and at other times a dollop of ice cream. Today's coffee has a subtle hint of cinnamon and a dash of honey. But may it be said that all perfect coffees will have an espresso base. I am going to show you how to brew your own espresso on the stove top, without breaking the bank and splurging on the expensive machines.

You need to purchase an inexpensive espresso pot. This one makes four cups of espresso. Fill the bottom with cold water. Fill up to the level of the valve.

Insert the coffee strainer.

Fill the coffee strainer with coffee.

Tamp the coffee down so that it is solidly packed.

Screw the top of the espresso pot on.

Due to loadshedding, I had to make use of the gas burner, but normally I will put my espresso pot on the stove top. Set it to high. Pressure builds up inside the pot which will cause the water to shoot through the coffee at high speed. This is what gives espresso its distinct strength and flavour. It is also why espresso contains the least amount of caffeine; the less time the water is in contact with the coffee, the less caffeine is released into the water.

Heat some milk and add half a cinnamon stick to the milk to infuse it.

Add a dollop of honey to the cups. I am making two coffees, using a double shot of espresso in each cup. If you don't like your coffee quite so strong you can always add the espresso in small measures until you are satisfied with the results.

When the espresso pot stops gurgling and wheezing I know it is ready. By this time the whole house should be filled with the enticing odor.

Add the espresso to the cups.

Pour the warm milk slowly into the cup so you do not disturb the honey at the bottom. This will result in a pretty presentation to your guests. The coffee should be sweet enough not to require anything else, but once again this is a personal preference.

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