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Monday, 25 May 2015

Handbags and Wallets Part 19 Art Bag Republished

We have been busy with this bag for the past two blogs already. In Part 17 we prepared the handles of the bag. In part 18 we attached the zippers and completed the pockets. We are now going to finish the bag. You can download the pattern for this bag here. The handles are available here. Or simply visit The actual bag made in this blog is available in Click here to buy the bag from Miekie Crafts.

Making the Lining Bag
We are going to quickly finish the lining bag. Lay the two pattern pieces on top of each other with the right sides facing and pin them in place.

Starting on one side, sew all around the bottom and up the other side, leaving the top open.

Attaching the Handles
We first need to hem the handles before we attach them. Make a double roll hem on both sides of both handles.

Iron the hems flat.

Slide the fabric through the handles.

Pin the handles to the side panels of the bag, positioning them so the centre of the handle is lined up with the centre of the bag.

Attach the handles with a stay stitch. This will make it much easier to work with when the zipper flaps are attached.

 Attach the Zipper Flaps
 Position the zipper flap so it is lined up with the top of the bag (and the handle). Make sure it is in the centre of the bag. Do not catch the lining of the zipper in the pins.

Sew with 1,5 cm seam allowance. Start 1,5 cm away from the beginning and leave the same distance open at the end as illustrated.

Attach the other zipper flap to the remaining panel in the same way.

Bring it all together
Lay the side panels of the bag upon each other, right sides facing. Pin in place.

Sew from the top of one side, through the bottom to the top of the other side. Only the top of the bag is left open.

Cut away the excess fabric from the curved corners so the bag will turn over neatly once we turn it right side out.

Pin the lining of the zipper carefully away to prevent it getting caught in the seam.

Fold the extra length from the side panels in and pin it to the short sides of the zipper flaps. If needed, simply tack the fabric a little if it does not fit 100%. Do this on both ends of the handbag.

Open the zipper before you sew, or you will find it difficult to do afterwards. Sew the sides starting at the zipper and sewing to the outside. Repeat for the other sides.

Turn the bag right side out.

Fit the lining properly in the bag and pin if necessary.

Turn the whole bag, including the lining inside out again.

Pin the lining to the bag, tucking the seams neatly in.

Sew the lining to the bag by hand. Sew all the way around.

Congratulations on creating a very funky handbag for yourself.

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