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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Handbags and Wallets Part 9

For the past two blogs we have been constructing a variation on the round vanity bag we made earlier. Today we will be putting the final touches on the bag. You can buy and download the pattern from by clicking here.

Construction – attaching the handle
Fold the handle in half lengthwise and iron flat.

 Open the handle and fold the sides in to meet in the middle. Iron flat.

Fold down the middle again and iron flat again.

Unfold the handle and give a small hem stitch on both ends.

Refold the handle. You may want to give it a quick press on the ends if the fabric requires it. Set your machine to a longer stitch length for top stitching that is neat.

Do a top stitch all around the handle, sewing as close as possible to the sides, bearing aesthetics in mind.

Position the handle on the lid. Pin it in place.

Sew both ends of the handle onto the lid. Try to stay on top of the original top stitching.

Construction – Attaching the lids and bottoms
Fold the lining away. Pin the lid to the top side panel, working all the way around.

Sew the lid to the panel. Trim away excess fabric from the seam and cut notches into the seam allowance. Do not cut into the stitching. This will create space to turn the bag right side out with a smooth seam line. Attach the bottom exactly the same way as the lid. Open the zipper slightly, so that you will be able to open the bag afterwards to turn the bag right side out.

Lay the fabric and lining of the bottom on top of each other, wrong sides facing. Pin in place and give a stay-stitch all around. I attach this bag’s bottom a little differently because of the thickness of the fabric with the pockets added.

Fold the lining away and pin the bottom to the fabric of the bag, right sides facing. Sew.

Open the zipper ever so slightly to make easier to turn the bag inside out when you’re done.

Pin the lid pocket to the lid lining, with the right side of the pocket lining facing the right side of the lid lining.

Stay-stitch all around, securing the lid pocket to the lid lining.

Pin the lid lining and pocket to the lining of the lid side.

Sew  by hand for a neat finish.

Secure the lining and pocket to the top of the lid by sewing small stitches in at least four places along the seam, catching the lining and the fabric in the stitches.

Fold the bag inside out and tuck the seams at the bottom of the bag in, pinning them out of sight.

Sew by hand.

Final view
This is what the empty bag looks like right side out and inside out.

This is what the bag looks like when it is filled, open and zipped close. Note its amazing capacity and the ability to accommodate tall bottles.

The handle is secure and strong enough to withstand all the weight. This is very important.

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